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Hydrophilic Softeners – Manufacturers and suppliers of hydrophilic softeners, cationic softeners, hydrophilic silicone finishing agent, urethane softeners, water

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Serious Education plus the most fun you can have in metal finishing. Plating on Plastics: ABS vs PC, Nylon, & other plastics — What substrate to use?

For light-colored cotton, linen, blends, rayon, polyester and other synthetic fibers (not nylon). May also be brush-applied to tennis shoes, canvas bags, etc.

Description. Nylon-6,10 (PA610) is semicrystalline polyamide commonly used in monofilament form in applications such as bristles and brushes.

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These gutta-like resists wash out with warm water. No dry cleaning is necessary! No fumes either!

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Nylon, a synthetic fiber, can be dyed either like wool or like other synthetics. It is even possible to tie-dye nylon.

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Jun 13, 2016 · How to Use Watercolor Pencils. Watercolor Pencils appear at first to be normal colored pencils, but when water is added to them, they give the beautiful

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USE FOR: Quick, easy, no fuss dye jobs, solid color dyeing, single color tie dye. USE ON: Natural fabrics including rayon, hemp, linen, cotton, silk and SOME Nylons

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SA5906 Stabilizer Roll, lightweight, adhesive-backed, water soluble, 6yds This adhesive backed stabilizer firmly sticks to the

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