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“They May Have Information We Don’t” – Are The Elite Preparing For A Cataclysmic Event? Chechnya’s Leader Claims “Russian Doomsday Device” Is Activated

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Undeterred, Han moves back in, grabs her hands, and starts rubbing them. She says, “Stop that,” and looks nervous. When he doesn’t stop, she clearly says it again.

Surfing the net so you don’t have to.

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“My wife doesn’t want sex.” Are you wondering why this is the case for your marriage? Find out why and what to do about it.

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Sarcastic commentary on celebrity and entertainment news.

Well, you work, you parent, you clean up after yourself, and you have basic hygiene. So you’re a productive member of society, you don’t stink and you aren’t a

Walking through a crowded street, you can’t help but notice the people paying more attention to the phone in front of their face than the fast-approaching poop

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Cast/credits plus additional information about the film

Worried that your husband doesn’t want sex? Every Wednesday on this blog we talk marriage, and today I thought I’d tackle a topic that is often not discussed very

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“Don’t ask, don’t tell” (manT) was the official United States policy on military service by gays, bisexuals, and lesbians, instituted by the Clinton Administration on

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