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New research suggests that skipping dinner helps you burn more fat in the evening and may even help with weight loss.

It’s a taboo subject, but I bet every single man (and woman) wants to know the answer to this question. Send the s to bed, because this article is adults

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A hidden penis is frequently referred to as a buried or concealed penis. There are multiple causes of buried penis including obesity, aging with an overlying

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All About The Penis – information for men and women on what it’s like to own a penis and being a man!

BBW sex tips for plus sized ladies. Learn how to have the best BBW sex with this comprehensive guide to cunnilingus and more.

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Composition. Subcutaneous tissue consists of: Fibrous bands anchoring the skin to the deep fascia; Collagen and elastin fibers attaching it to the dermis; Fat, except

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Whenever we think of the penis size, the first thought that comes to our minds is that of “length”. In reality, however, length is not the only criteria th

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We reveal the penis myths around size. Info on penile physiology, biochemistry and anatomy.

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The penis is the part of a male’s body that varies the most from one person to another. Many mans worry that there is

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