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Common use. The bolo knife is common in the countryside due to its use as a farming implement. As such, it was used extensively during Spanish colonial rule as a

The F-S fighting knife was designed exclusively for surprise attack and fighting, with a slender blade that can easily penetrate a ribcage. The vase handle grants

RS-75 Knife Sharpening machine modified for serrated knives Tapered Ceramic Wheels sharpen inside the serrations of most bread, tomato and sausage knives.

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How to Choose a Swiss Army Knife. Multi-purpose pocket knives are generally referred to as Swiss Army Knives, as the famous brands are manufactured in Switzerland.

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Has #2 blade with sharp angle for precision cutting of medium to heavy-weight materials. 5″ long aluminum handle. Accepts blades #2 and #22 through #28.

Friedr. Dick Company hoof knives These excellent German-made hoof knives are very popular in Europe and now have a loyal following in the U.S.

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Has #11 blade for fine angle cutting and stripping. Rubberized grip, center-barrel blade release, and anti-roll wedge. Accepts blades #10 and #16.

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Mike Mann, an award winning knifemaker offers the Cliff Knife, designed by canoe guide/author Cliff Jacobson.

since the year 1778 Friedrich Dick has produced professional knives and tools for butchers and chefs

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