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From soap to hair, some of the most unusual set of stuff collectors bring together. (collections, weird)

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Bizarre Death Stories Important Note: All Stories listed below were copied in 2000 from a web site in England that has since been discontinued

Advertising can be creative and even purposely funny. But the following ads really stand out as being strange, original or just plain bizarre.

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Arkham Bazaar sells hard to find Lovecraftian film and audio, Cthulhu T-shirts, Uncanny art and tentacular sculptures like Cthulhu Idols, and other Oddities relating

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Directed by Brandon Moore, Caleb Smith. With Darlene Vogel, Alex McArthur, Tara Brown, Jaime Gallagher. After exposing police corruption, a journalist is drawn into

A Gallery Of Classic Surf Movie Posters And Lobby Cards Of Surfing Movies From The 60\’s, Ticket Stubs, Surf Art, Surf Books and Rare Surf Albums.

Maurice is a French teenager who escaped France and begins working at a hype club in Brooklyn called BIZARRE. He quickly becomes a sort of ‘mascot’ of this incredible

When I was a growing up in Edinburgh during the 1970s, I became aware of a cinema called the Jacey on the city’s main thoroughfare Princes Street. It was

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