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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a process that helps adult learners to identify, articulate and demonstrate relevant learning acquired through

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Take this 5-minute assessment to identify your preferred learning style and receive study tips for your learning style.

TCALL is the statewide Adult Education and Literacy professional development and resource center for Texas, housed at Texas A&M University.

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Where do you draw the line between instruction and assessment? Pearson doesn’t. We offer a full range of proven standardized tests to help educators understand how

Testing—Standardized and Otherwise—and the Massachusetts ABE Pilot Test: A Curriculum Unit for ABE Classes

Frequently Asked Questions April 8, 2016 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the March 2016 Curriculum Policy Update

There are conflicting perspectives on adult learning as it relates to and separates itself from early hood development practices and overall approaches to

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At the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), everything we do supports one goal: Making it easier for people to get the education and training they need.

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The University of Nevada-Las Vegas Office of Academic Assessment website is this month’s Featured Website in the category of Centralized Assessment Repository.

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We provide academic programs, skills training, and support services for adults, adults, and ren.

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